Cerebellar Structure and Function


Lecture introducing cerebellar structure and function. Reviewing cerebellar structure from gross anatomical divisions, to lobular and sub-lobular organization, to cell types and circuitry. Discusses classical studies and theories of cerebellar function. Part of the Motor Systems Module of the MSc Neuroscience in Oxford.

Linking neurochemistry, functional connectivity and behaviour in human motor adaptation

GABA and human motor adaptation

Interacting with our ever-changing environment requires constant adaptation of our movements to reduce movement errors, a process termed motor adaptation. How the human brain implements motor adaptation poses an important question in neuroscience, …

GABA relates to functional connectivity changes and retention in visuomotor adaptation

Interacting with our ever-changing physical environment requires continual recalibration of the motor system. One mechanism by which this occurs is motor adaptation. Understanding how motor adaptation is implemented by the human brain, how different …

Investigating the effect of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation to the cerebellum on visuomotor adaptation.