Resting-state fmri

How to localize functions in the cerebellum

Introduction to functional regions of the cerebellum. Learn how to use a functional atlas of the cerebellum to define your regions of interest, map them precisely in the individual and study cerebellar function.

How to classify ICA components

Independent Component Analysis (ICA) can identify patterns in fMRI data. Some of the components reflect BOLD signal and others are driven by noise. This post explains how to identify signal components and noise components in your data.

How to clean fMRI data with FIX-ICA

In resting-state fMRI processing we often apply Independent Component Analysis to clean the data from noise. Automated approaches for ICA-based cleaning can automatically label components as noise or signal, but often need to be trained on data-specific labels. This post explains how to train an automated ICA component classifier and use it to denoise fMRI data.

A hierarchical atlas of the human cerebellum for functional precision mapping

The human cerebellum is activated by a wide variety of cognitive and motor tasks. Previous functional atlases have relied on single task-based or resting-state fMRI datasets. Here, we present a functional atlas that integrates information from 7 …

How to set up FIX on your system

Using FIX on a cluster where it hasn't been set up can be tricky. Here are a few troubleshooting tips.